The College of Islamic Studies organizes a symposium “Arabic language and future challenges in Emirati society”

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Director of the College of Islamic and Arab Studies in Dubai, revealed to Al Bayan that the college intends to organize an expanded conference in cooperation with Al Qasimia University in Sharjah during the next semester under the title “The Arabic Language and Future Challenges in Emirati Society” to discuss the advancement of the language among the people of the country, as it is considered The main incubator of national identity, and an essential foundation for building knowledge that leads to innovation, scientific research, and self-reliance .

Abdul Rahman said that the conference will discuss many important points, including the importance of language in interaction between civilizations, and its presence and reality between the present and the hoped for, noting that the door for participation has been opened for researchers .

He stressed the college’s tireless efforts over the course of twenty-one years, since the opening of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the beginning of the academic year 1995/1996 AD, keeping in mind the vision drawn by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Juma Al Majid, to be a pioneering educational institution with scientific and creative research competence. To confirm the cultural identity of Emirati society, and to consolidate the principles of sincere belonging to it, as well as to deepen awareness of the sciences of the Arabic language and its literature .

He added that the college also seeks to develop the linguistic and graphic skills of its male and female graduates, as well as embracing them all in a scientific environment suitable for scientific research, cognitive excellence and creative innovation, aiming to achieve quality in academic outputs. Let us contribute to building a highly knowledgeable Emirati society .

Abdul Rahman continued: In appreciation of the importance of the Arabic language, the college sought to develop all trends related to this language, as it is a national institution whose cognitive orientations and scientific goals are consistent with the thought of the wise leadership .

Abdul Rahman reported that the number of male and female graduates in the bachelor’s program from the Department of Arabic Language from its founding until the end of this year reached 5,491 male and female graduates, while the number of female graduates of the master’s program in language and grammar and literature and criticism was 73, while the number of female graduates of the doctoral program in language, grammar, literature and criticism was 73. To 16 graduates .


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