The College of Islamic and Arab Studies in Dubai celebrates the 47th National Day

Yesterday morning, the College of Islamic and Arab Studies in Dubai celebrated the forty-seventh National Day of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates, with a large ceremony held under the generous patronage of Mr. Juma Al Majid, Chairman of the College’s Board of Trustees, and witnessed by Dr. Muhammad Abdel Rahman, Director of the College, Deans of the College, members of the teaching and administrative bodies, and a large crowd of students. The female students celebrated and rejoiced on this occasion that is dear to everyone’s hearts, in an atmosphere dominated by the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the homeland’s soil, and rallying around the leaders and rulers of the United Arab Emirates.

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman, Director of the College, extended his warmest congratulations and blessings to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates and its people, stressing the keenness of the College of Islamic and Arab Studies in Dubai to be part of the festive scene, through paragraphs that recall the spirit of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the good. May God have mercy on him, it was prepared by male and female students of the college. The doctor said: “This year’s celebration is not like every other year, as it is associated with an occasion that is dear to our hearts, the occasion of the ‘Centenary of the Year of Zayed.’ The ceremony’s paragraphs recalled the efforts of the deceased, his honorable legacy, and his great achievements that illuminated our paths and guaranteed us a decent life.” In all fields, our wise leadership followed suit until we reached the limits of the sky and competed with major countries.”

He added that Union Day is a day of pride and glory in the unity of the Emirati home and the achievements of this great and generous country, and that students should learn a lot from it and realize the meaning and value of hard work, giving, loyalty to the homeland, and keenness on creativity and leadership in various fields.

The ceremony included the playing of the national anthem, and the master’s student, poet Jaber Al Nuaimi, presented two poems in love with the Emirates, and the students of the Student Council performed an operetta entitled “The Seed of Zayed,” in which they reminded the students of the thanks of the founder Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, and the efforts of our wise leadership who followed Zayed’s path with all ability.

The ceremony’s activities also included reciting poems in love with the seven Emirates and their leaders, and presenting a theatrical performance performed by the students of the Injaz program that emphasizes the cohesion and unity of the Emirati home. The ceremony concluded with popular dances to national tunes performed by the Emirati military band “Al-Mazyoud.”

On the sidelines of the celebrations, competitions in Arabic calligraphy, a competition for the best picture expressing National Day, and a competition for the most beautiful classroom design were organized, in addition to allocating a corner for Emirati folk food and costumes in the college courtyard.


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