The College of Islamic and Arab Studies and the Injaz Program celebrate National and Martyr’s Days

Yesterday, in the smart hall at the College of Islamic and Arab Studies in Dubai, the activities of a series of training courses for male and female employees in the areas of leadership and innovation, and writing and preparing professional reports, were organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the college in cooperation with the scientific departments and continue for an entire week.

These courses come within the framework of the college’s keenness to develop the level of professional and administrative competence of employees at various administrative levels, and aim to improve the skills of employees and workers in the college’s various sectors in line with its plan to develop and develop the educational and administrative process in line with the standards and regulations followed in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. .

The courses are lectured by Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Dehisat, who offers a course on “Management, Innovation, and Leadership – Six Hats,” and Dr. Abdul Karim Medlej, who offers a course on “Writing and Preparing Administrative Reports and Correspondence.”

Dr. Muhammad Abdel Rahman, Director of the College, confirmed that: “In the college, we have an annual training plan that continues throughout the academic year to train employees as well as students. We have a committee that evaluates the needs or skills that the student or employee needs, and we seek help in this field from highly qualified and skilled trainers, whether from the college or from out of it to get the best desired results.

He added that the training strategy followed is based on developing and arming the college’s employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for the college’s success in providing distinguished service to all students in a way that achieves a high level of satisfaction and excellence, focusing on training that cares about results and is compatible with work needs.

For his part, Dr. Abdul Rahman Hafiz Al-Din, Dean of Student Affairs, said: “The subject of administration is one of the advanced subjects that is witnessing rapid updates according to the development of societies and their rapid urbanization. Therefore, it cannot be said that the employee can keep pace with this development through his work and experience alone, but rather these courses are necessary.” Which develops and refines experiences, pointing out that the titles of the courses offered were carefully chosen after studying the employees’ needs. He stated that the college will work to provide employees with certificates of participation with specific ratings that will be monitored according to participation, attendance, and interaction.

The participants expressed the importance of the training courses and acquired administrative skills, stressing that they added new and diverse experiences to them at the level of administrative responsibilities. Administrative sciences have today become one of the most important sciences that every administrator must know and learn.


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