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Tanfeeth Careers in UAE 2024: Elevate Your Professional Journey with a Leading Service Provider

As we move into 2024, Tanfeeth, a subsidiary of Emirates NBD, stands as a premier shared services organization in the UAE, offering unparalleled career opportunities. Renowned for its commitment to operational excellence, innovation, and employee development, Tanfeeth is the ideal destination for job seekers eager to make a significant impact. Here’s why you should consider a career with Tanfeeth in 2024.

Why Choose Tanfeeth for Your Career?

1. Excellence in Service Delivery: Tanfeeth, meaning “getting the job done” in Arabic, lives up to its name by delivering exceptional service solutions across various sectors. Joining Tanfeeth means being part of a team that prioritizes quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

2. Culture of Innovation: Tanfeeth fosters an environment where innovation thrives. The company invests in cutting-edge technologies and encourages employees to bring fresh ideas to the table. This innovative culture ensures that you are always at the forefront of industry advancements.

3. Comprehensive Employee Development: Tanfeeth is dedicated to the growth and development of its employees. With extensive training programs, leadership development initiatives, and clear career progression paths, Tanfeeth ensures that its staff are well-equipped to excel and advance in their careers.

4. Diverse and Inclusive Workplace: Diversity and inclusion are core values at Tanfeeth. The company fosters a workplace where different perspectives are valued, and everyone feels empowered to contribute. This inclusive environment promotes creativity, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among employees.

Career Opportunities at Tanfeeth

Tanfeeth offers a wide range of career paths across various departments. Here are some key areas where you can make an impact:

1. Customer Service and Support: For those who excel in delivering exceptional customer experiences, roles in customer service and support are ideal. Positions include customer service representatives, team leaders, and quality assurance specialists. These roles involve interacting with clients, resolving issues, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

2. Finance and Accounting: Tanfeeth provides numerous opportunities in finance and accounting. Roles such as financial analysts, accountants, and audit specialists are crucial to maintaining the financial health of the organization. These positions involve managing financial records, analyzing data, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

3. Human Resources and Talent Management: For those passionate about nurturing talent and fostering a positive workplace culture, careers in human resources and talent management are perfect. Positions include HR managers, talent acquisition specialists, and training coordinators. These roles involve recruiting top talent, managing employee relations, and developing training programs.

4. Information Technology and Digital Transformation: As technology continues to evolve, Tanfeeth offers exciting careers in IT and digital transformation. Roles include IT support specialists, software developers, and digital transformation managers. These positions involve implementing and managing technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

5. Operations and Process Improvement: Ensuring efficient and effective operations is key to Tanfeeth’s success. Careers in operations and process improvement include roles such as operations managers, process analysts, and project managers. These positions involve streamlining processes, managing projects, and driving operational excellence.

How to Apply

Applying for a position at Tanfeeth is a straightforward process. Visit the Tanfeeth careers portal by clicking below “Apply for job” button to browse current job openings and submit your application online. Ensure your resume is up-to-date and tailored to highlight your relevant skills and experiences.

Pro Tip: When applying, demonstrate your understanding of Tanfeeth’s values and mission. Highlight your innovative ideas, commitment to excellence, and how your background aligns with the company’s goals.


A career at Tanfeeth in the UAE in 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity to be part of a leading shared services organization that values innovation, operational excellence, and employee development. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, Tanfeeth provides a platform for significant professional growth and the chance to make a meaningful impact. Join Tanfeeth and be part of a team dedicated to delivering outstanding service solutions. Embark on your career journey with Tanfeeth and help shape the future of service delivery in the UAE.

To apply for this job please visit fa-evlo-saasfaprod1.fa.ocs.oraclecloud.com.